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 Self Defense Tactics For The Modern Woman

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Lead Instructor - Kravgirl Tactics

Professional Self-Defense Instructor and Women's Advocate.

Jennifer is currently working as an active instructor in Los Angeles, California for
Krav Maga / Mixed Martial Arts and Self Defense instruction and protection.

She is the lead instructor for KRAVGIRL TACTICS at
and co-instructor with the  I Fight For My Life team at

Jennifer has designed Her series of trainings based on the combination of
tactics and skills, she has learned through Her training over the years and tailored them to the public.


Jennifer, originally from Los Angeles, California, is actively involved in teaching both public and private classes on self-defense and street survival skills, not only in the Greater Los Angeles Area but also in various locations throughout the United States. Her focus lies in providing civilians with the tools and knowledge they need to protect themselves effectively.

Having grown up in Los Angeles, California. Jennifer's journey into self-defense was further fueled during her time in the Israeli Army's Naval Division from 1988 to 1990.
This experience instilled in her a profound appreciation for combative arts and highlighted the importance of women being equipped with the skills necessary for their safety and protection.


Jennifer's dedication to empowering women is evident in her work with victims of domestic violence who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Through teaching self-defense, she witnesses firsthand the transformative impact it has on these individuals, helping them reclaim their power and rebuild their confidence. By imparting practical skills, Jennifer helps individuals shift from a mindset of victimhood to one of strength and resilience.

In her classes, Jennifer provides comprehensive instruction covering various aspects of self-defense, including body mechanics, handling hostile situations, and defense against weapons.

Her expertise extends to combat techniques such as Krav Maga/KPAP Israeli Fighting System, in which she holds a 3rd Degree Blackbelt. Additionally, she is certified as a level A/B/C instructor in Israeli Face to Face combat by the international KPAP association and is registered with the Ministry of Education in Israel to teach KPAP Israeli Hand to Hand Combat system, 
 showcasing her commitment to ongoing professional development and education.



Jennifer is the first female in the U.S.
as a Certified Level C Instructor in KPAP

Jennifer's journey in self-defense began in 2010 under the tutelage of the first generation of instructors trained by Imi Lichtenfield, the founder of Krav Maga. Since then, Jennifer has honed Her skills by seeking guidance and training from various High Level Instructors specializing in a variaty of fighting tactics including  knife, stick, and firearm trainings.

Her dedication to mastering various disciplines led her to Puerto Rico in 2016, where She trained under the Head of the Police Department in the KanjukenKapap Hand to Hand Combat system, with Sensei Willie Hernandez and the Security Defensive Tactics Team. This rigorous training emphasized the integration of challenging and realistic scenarios to thrive in hostile environments, utilizing any available weapon for survival.

Recognized for her expertise, Jennifer was nominated for the Best Female Self-Defense Instructor by the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2017 and holds a 5th level practitioner certification with the International Krav Maga Federation.

Jennifer also achieved the rank of 3rd Dan in the B'alam system through the Guatemala International Guatekenpo Association, under Grand Master Otto Estuardo Schumann in 2018.

Her commitment to enhancing community safety extends beyond her professional achievements. Jennifer completed the Los Angeles Police Department Community Police Academy in 2018 and obtained certifications in various areas, including as a Range Safety Officer, NRA Firearm Instructor, and Security Guard Trained. She remains actively involved in ongoing training with martial arts masters and black belts, fostering collaborations with law enforcement officers, security agents, and stunt actors to broaden her knowledge base.

In 2020, Jennifer was Black Belted as the first Black Belt in the STREET SMART SURVIVAL SYSTEM under Shihan Jacov Bresler.
Launching a series of Black Belt in the STREET SMART SURVIVAL SYSTEM.

As a volunteer for neighborhood watch programs and participant in community meetings with senior lead officers, Jennifer strives to raise awareness and preparedness within her community. Her ultimate goal is to empower others with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the uncertainties of the world confidently and safely.

Jennifer's extensive list of certifications includes:

  • Certified Range Safety Officer.

  • Certified Chief Range Safety Officer.

  • NRA Firearm Instructor

  • USCCA Firearm Instructor.

  • Security Guard Trained.

  • Open Carry Security Trained

  • Security Tactics trained.

  • Pepper Spray Certified.

  • Taser Certified

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