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 Self Defense Tactics For The Modern Woman

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I was always hesitant in taking any type of martial arts class or self defense class because
I thought I would have to devote years of training to learn anything worthwhile.
Boy was I wrong!
Even in the very lesson
I learned tactics that would give me a fighting chance.
Yes, it takes practice and repetition to get better and better, but I have to say, just a few months later, I now have an arsenal of tools in my back pocket vs just freezing and not knowing what to do should a situation ever arise.

Potentially being a victim, carrier over to all aspects of my life, and in addition to feeling that I now have a defense strategy, I have gained so much self confidence in the way I walk, carry myself, and awareness of my surroundings. I even taught my friends a few quick moves in ten minutes that could save their life one day. 

What I am most happy about is that I'm not sitting here six months later saying...
I really need to look into a self defense class. I can now say...Wow, these last six months have changed my life in ways I didn't even know that I didn't know.

Mother of 2 Kravgirls

My daughter's best friend was assaulted on a college campus as she walked back to her dorm, leaving her with a concussion, bruises and severe trauma which caused her to walk away from a full scholarship near the end of freshman year.  My daughter was not as strong or tough as her friend so I knew I had to provide her with some skills that would give her the confidence to go back on campus.   I knew my two girls (19 and 16yrs old) would never want to do a class option, so I researched online to find a female Krav Maga trainer that could do private sessions. I was so lucky to find Jennifer who had the perfect skill set to give my daughter the confidence she needed to feel that she could fight back using the self-defense tactics that she has learned.  I loved Jennifer's approach to develop their strength both physically and mentally to get them in the mindset of how to avoid certain situations and that they CAN fight back and getaway and not become a victim.  My college age daughter has now returned to campus with the confidence she needed to feel safer and will continue to do refresher sessions when she comes home from college.  Thanks Jennifer, this has been invaluable to me and the girls!!

Mother of 2 Kravgirls

My daughters have been working with Jennifer for over a year now and it’s incredible to see how much they have learned and gained from the class - in addition to being physically stronger and getting an amazing workout , they are also more confident in the way their bodies can move and feel safer and more protected having learned important skills for emergency situations - the experience has been incredible for them and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone ! Jennifer is confident and strong , and patient with my girls - she is sensitive to their needs and has such a calming presence in a class that is very intense both physically and mentally.


The one-on-one training classes with Jennifer were fun and empowering! I am much more aware and prepared to protect myself now!  I’m hoping to get another round of sessions with her sometime soon. In the meantime when I’m on the street I feel enabled and informed to use my body, my new street smarts and my pepper spray (gifted and instructed by Jennifer) against a threat that might arise! Training with Jennifer was a great experience all round and I’m so glad I found her!! 
Grey Brick Wall
I’ve been training with Jennifer for 6 months now and I wish I had started sooner. The skills and tactics she has instilled in me have given me a sense of strength that I did not have before. As a person who is physically impaired in some ways, her methods give me a standing chance if I ever need to defend myself or my family. I do not know what I would have done without her. She is so amazing that I have her training my kids as well. Her patience is what I admire the most about her. She really takes the time to meet you where you’re at and that’s what makes her stand out. Not to mention that she genuinely cares and is very accommodating and flexible. We love her! 

Testimony from D.N. In Beverly Hill, CA

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