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Looking for a highly trained security guard for yourself or for your next event? 


Highly trained Female agents  are the perfect solution. They are less likely to escalate a situation

and guests are more comfortable when they can relax and enjoy the event without the intimidation of male guards. (Especially appropriate for guarding over young girls)

The female agent blends in well while keeping a watchful eye on events.

Female agents  provide warm front door greeting while ensuring security, checking women’s bags where men are not so comfortable invading.


Female agents provide sharp observation services, as well as escorting drunk or uncooperative females without risk of sexual assault allegations and add an extra watch for suspicious activity while blending in. Working under various undercover dress, such as casual attire, cocktail

or formal attire, business suit, or tactical gear, the female agent is the perfect fit for your event, wether she is an undetected threat or an obvious deterrent she is prepared and ready to take action when needed. Perfect as a hostess, where her skills are key to keeping order and a friendly environment.  Yet, should a “ situation” arise, she is a capable and confident protector. 

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