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                         TEEN & YOUNG ADULT GIRLS TRAINING

  Get your girlfriends, mom's and daughter's together for some
  fun and informative instruction  on street smart survival  
  skills and self defense.

  Nothing compares to the training you will get with

  one on one instruction, tailored personally to you & your needs. 

  This is the fastest way to increase your skills and knowledge.

 * Awareness & Avoiding danger
 * Brains Over Beauty - Body image
   Health & being in shape
   Importance of personal development & independence  goals
* Face to Face Tactics - Distance, Escape, or fight 
 * Dating Safety & Tactics (Do's & Dont's)
 * The Sanctity of Sex - Your body your right
   (Dealing with:  Sexual pressure, unwanted advances & inappropriate comments)
   addressing the pressures of sex & consequences ie: disease, pregnancy & abortion
 * Sex Trafficking dangers & prevention
  6 week program  
  $400 or 2 for $650
  1 hour Class
  * Pre payment required


  Rates For Private Training 

  1 hour - $80.00

  Private party groups of 2 or more can train together

  at a reduced rate of  $50.00 per person. 


Not a victim

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