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 Get your girlfriends, mom's & daughter's together for some

 fun & informative instruction  on street smart survival  
 skills and self defense.

 Nothing compares to the training you will get with

 one on one instruction, tailored personally to you & your needs. 

 This is the fastest way to increase your skills and knowledge.

 *Awareness & Avoiding danger
 *Brains Over Beauty - Body image
   Health & being in shape
   Importance of personal development & independence  goals
* Face to Face Tactics - Distance, Escape, or fight 
 *Dating Safety & Tactics (Do's & Dont's)
 *The Sanctity of Sex - Your body your right
   (Dealing with:  Sexual pressure, unwanted advances & inappropriate comments)
   addressing the pressures of sex & consequences ie: disease, pregnancy & abortion
 *Sex Trafficking dangers & prevention
  6 week program  
  $400 or 2 for $650
  1 hour Class
  * Pre payment required


  Rates For Private Training 

  1 hour - $80.00

  Private party groups of 2 or more can train together

  at a reduced rate of  $50.00 per person


Not a victim

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